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Kelly California

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Music on the streets, long nights at the beach und short skirts in the bars: Welcome Summer! Time for us to deliver the summer soundtrack. So the music gets even better, the nights even longer and the skirts - you know it.

You can download our personal summer hit off the record "Seven Billion Smirks" for free. Turn it up on your radio and let your neighbours get to know Goodron.

Download: Kelly California (Save as...).


Review 2014

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We have our own rhythm. That is why we waited until now to look back on the past year.

Exactly one year ago, on February 7, we said goodbye to La Fourmi with a rocking and a watery eye. It was the first of 15 concerts in 2014. And all of them will remain in Goodron's memory: The guest performance by Mariano at Butcher's Pub in Aarau. The school class who received Roli with chants. The penthouse with breathtaking views over Lucerne. The unique campfires in the tent. And many more. Thanks to all who share with us the soundtrack to your life.

We also thank you for carrying out Kelly California (Save as...) into the wide world.

Cheers for a royal 2015!



The Three Wise Men

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Once upon a time, not so long ago. Three wise men made plans for a better world. A world with one crown for seven billion men. And a world, in which everybody could listen to the sound of Goodron. So they decided to give away a suitable song for free for some days: Kings and Queens (download as...).

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