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Seven Billion Smirks (2013)


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Cover Seven Billion Smirks
Song - All Lyrics (pdf)

Lover's Play
Outside of Time
Diamond Grace
Kelly California
Where the Lost Souls Sleep
Design of Love
Wall King
Glamour Queen
Saving Pictures for You
Wild Roses
Kings and Queens

Alison Road (2011)

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Cover Alison Road - Goodron 2011
Song - Lyrics

Revolution Ride - Lyrics
Lovecup - Lyrics
Rearrange - Lyrics
Red Light - Lyrics
Superfan Unknown - Lyrics
A Song Only You Know - Lyrics
Brand New Star - Lyrics
Are You Happy? - Lyrics
Red Rose Career - Lyrics
LiLaLo - Lyrics
Lazy Bones
- Lyrics
Ally's Show - Lyrics

Outtakes of Life (2005)

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Cover Outtakes of Life - goodron 2005

Song - Lyrics

Blue Sky - Lyrics
Sing for Life - Lyrics
Dance - Lyrics
Saturday Night Girl
- Lyrics
Blind Date - Lyrics
Who Cares - Lyrics
Destination over the Clouds - Lyrics
Thank You - Lyrics
99 - Lyrics
You - Lyrics
Song of Freedom - Lyrics

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