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Seven Billion Smirks

After more than 20 concerts on the last tour and the successful video Superfan Unknown it's time for 12 brand new songs of Goodron. Their third album “Seven Billion Smirks” has scenes with Glamour Queens or Wall Kings packed into driving rhythms and catchy melodies. Between these songs they placed some gentle and dreamy tunes as well. And with Diamond Grace Goodron delivers a worthy homage to well known bands. Now the three guys are about to give the world a smirk - let there be Seven Billion Smirks.


Long nights and catchy melodies: That’s what Goodron is about since their start in 2003. At the very beginning the Swiss band already had two number 1 hits in a local radio. They played the first concert on an open air with about 10'000 people. Many more gigs across Switzerland followed – also in more intimate settings. A soundtrack for a movie, two videos with awards as well as airplay and press articles show what Goodron claims to be: a band on an independent way that wants to bring their music to as many people as possible. And to give the world a smirk.

2013 Seven Billion Smirks
2011 Alison Road
2005 Outtakes of Life
Roli Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Tom Drums, Piano, Backing Vocals
Loris Bass, Backing Vocals
2012 Superfan Unknown
2012 LiLaLo
2008 Dance
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Photographer: Johanna Unternährer

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